Building Better Residential Property Management Companies Through Education

Rent Bridge, LLC is a residential property management consulting firm dedicated to helping property management companies start, grow, and dominate their market. Through our property management consulting firm, we have helped dozens of companies of all sizes improve their businesses through focusing on excellence in operations, finance, technology, and marketing. We are thrilled to launch Rent Bridge Academy to bring world-class educational resources to the residential property management industry. To learn more about Rent Bridge, LLC, visit us at our website:


How to Start, Run, and Grow a Property Management Company

10-Lesson Training Course that will equip you with the information, skills, and tools needed to succeed in residential property management.

This course covers the essential activities involved in operating a property management business like leasing, maintenance, rent collections, inspections, and much more. Along with learning the core functions of a property management company, our expert instructors will incorporate the key business components, such as technology, operations, finance, marketing, and reporting. Coupled with property management know-how learned in this course, these fundamentals will provide you with the real-world skills to build a successful property management business.

Michael Park, JD

Michael is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Rent Bridge, LLC. During his 18 years working in residential real estate, Michael has managed the operations, sales, and metrics for thousands of residential properties across the nation. Michael's career spans the areas of residential real estate law, executive management, operations, sales, business development, and property management startups. Michael helps companies streamline processes, develop powerful growth strategies, and helps build more profitable property management companies.

Heather Park

Heather is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Rent Bridge, LLC. Heather has managed and consulted with property management companies who manage thousands of residential properties across the nation. With a masters degree in curriculum development, and expertise in marketing, sales, and strategic growth, Heather brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this course.